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Blocked Drains & Pipe Repairs

Are Tree Roots Ruining Your Plumbing?

We all love a well-maintained lawn, perhaps dotted with sprawling trees.

However, though things might look great on the surface, they may not be so great under the ground. Trees often have thick, long-reaching root systems that can reach unintended areas if not checked in time.

Often these roots reach drain pipes and sewer lines and end up blocking them. This can have far-reaching problems because a blockage in a sewer pipe can lead to foundational issues. In addition to that, clogged drain pipes might cause a utility hole or stormwater drain to overflow and impede toilet functionality.

A problem like this requires a professional team of blocked drain specialists. Our extensive range of plumbing services means we can take care of the problem from beginning to end. In addition, we offer a no-dig trenchless pipe relining alternative for repairs to household pipes or sewer pipes.

The Hidden Plumbing Issues

How Do Tree Roots Affect Your Plumbing

Tree roots often grow close to the surface to absorb sunlight. As for moisture, trees tend to gravitate toward anything where moisture is abundantly available. That is why it's common to see tree roots coming into the trenches dug for drainage.

Tree roots also find it easier to spread in those trenches because since they’ve been dug up, the soil in that area is looser and easier to push aside. Once there, they inadvertently apply pressure on the drains, leading to small cracks and fissures.

However, cracks also appear due to the ageing of the drains and damage caused by heavy rainfall. Once there’s an opening, the tree roots block drains and sewer pipes by snaking into them.

Another point from where tree roots gain access to the interior of sewer drains is the joint between two pipes. The joints are usually made of cement and sand, which are easy for a growing root to push past.

Maintaining Your Plumbing System

Signs That Tree Roots Are Invading Your Pipes

Although it may be hard to detect tree roots infiltrating your plumbing, there are a few signs you can look out for that indicate an issue, such as:

  • Sinks, shower & bathtub slow to drain
  • Weird sounds from drains
  • Bad smell from pipes or drains
  • Toilet blockages or overflow
  • Green patches of grass
  • Spike in the water bill

So, if you notice any of these issues, there is only one thing to do - call the experts at FTD Pipe Relining.

How We Help You

Removing Tree Roots From Your Pipelines

If left unchecked, the roots growing inside the piping can cause the pipe to collapse. So, we offer expert plumbing services to help figure out the best solution for repairing your blocked drain and ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Additionally, we also survey the property and use a CCTV drain camera to determine the extent of the problem. We can advise you where to avoid planting trees and which type to plant to minimise root growth around the drainage system.

What’s more, once we identify the source and extent of the problem, we also use machines and non-chemical means to remove tree roots. If the roots belong to surrounding plants you no longer wish to have, we can also use chemical action to eliminate them.

However, as a responsible plumbing company, we strongly recommend pipe relining since it is relatively destruction-free and the quickest, cheapest method as it doesn’t need excavation. The repair process requires fitting a new lining inside the blocked drain pipes.

It also takes very little time to complete without compromising the quality of the repair. It can also mitigate drainage issues apart from root blockage; for instance, it prevents calcification in the pipe's interior, allowing a smooth water flow.

However, replacing it is the only option if the root intrusion is severe or if the pipe is extensively damaged. We recommend getting durable PVC pipes since these don’t crack easily and are resistant to root infiltration. Additionally, our Sydney plumbers offer emergency repair for plumbing issues that must be fixed immediately.

Why Trust Our Plumbers?

Giving You The Peace of Mind You Deserve

Trees grow into your pipelines and can cause severe damage if left unattended. Not only can it block your drains and damage your pipes, but it can also cause burst pipes and water contamination. A professional plumbing team must do the removal these roots.

FTD Pipe Relining has spent years perfecting its techniques and methods to ensure a seamless, cost-effective, and easy root removal process. Our transparent pricing policy means you won't get hit with any hidden fees, and you'll get a workmanship warranty on all pipe repairs.

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Tree Roots In Drains FAQs

Read our most commonly asked questions about tree roots in drains by Sydney locals:

In the pipe relining process, materials such as epoxy, polyester, silicate, vinyl ester, and resin are used to reinforce the pipes and make them stronger than an average PVC pipe. Pipe relining is done using an inflated bladder to replace the old lining of your pipe. Hence, we recommend this plumbing service for most cases of blocked drains.

Pipe relining is a semi-permanent solution since it can withstand around 50 years of consistent use.

Pipe relining is a popular procedure and can be carried out in a shower drain, copper sulphate sewer line, pool drain, and even a concrete pipe.