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Clogged Shower Drains & Pipes

Blocked Shower? Call Our Experts

Have you got a blocked shower drain and need an emergency plumber in Sydney? Speak to the team at FTD Pipe Relining! Blocked shower drains are a common occurrence among most homeowners in Sydney. They can disrupt a homeowner's entire schedule.

You can pour boiling water into the drain to check if the blockage disappears. You can also use baking soda and vinegar to fix the blocked shower drain. But, if the plumbing issues are still not solved, you must immediately contact us or ask your queries online.

We believe in providing quick blocked drain solutions with our emergency plumbing services. Also, we offer upfront pricing, and you can expect exceptional service every time!

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How Does Blocked Shower Drain Happen

A clogged shower drain is a common sight in many homes, and this can be caused due to the accumulation of hair and everyday household objects. If you use a variety of essential oils or body gels with a high amount of grease content, these can easily lead to blocked drains in toilets.

Also, hair is a big reason that can block the drain. Soap scum and grease can get stuck between the hair strands causing further blockage. But we will advise not to pour boiling water constantly as that may not work well with the pipelines.

How We Help You

Tried Everything Without Success? You’re Dealing With An Emergency

After you enquire online or book an appointment on the phone, we will send a local plumber to fix the mess. Our professional team members will reach out within a few hours for plumbing emergencies and conduct CCTV drain inspections if necessary.

As such, we will check the shower and drainage systems, and our plumbers will safely remove any blockage. If the pipe is damaged, we will provide several solutions to repair your broken pipe. Rest assured, our local plumbers are equipped to handle the situation correctly.

Why Choose Our Plumbers

The FTD Pipe Relining Guarantee

As a leading blocked drain and pipe relining company in Sydney, FTD Pipe Relining has built a team of expert plumbers to ensure the best service. Unblocking your shower is our specialty, and we provide a quick response for urgent plumbing issues. We believe in honesty and integrity above all else.

We don't just want to unblock your shower drain; we want to help you prevent blockages from occurring in the future. By doing that, you save both cash and time. Whether your job is large or small, we have an expert team ready to help!

Get Solutions Fast

Talk To Our Specialists

Blocked drains aren't something that will go away on their own. So when your shower doesn’t drain, call the team at FTD Pipe Relining. We will ask you some questions before scheduling a convenient appointment for our plumbers to come to your home. Make sure to ask our plumber if you have any other plumbing concerns while they are there. Booking online is also available through the "Contact Us" section.

So, speak to our team today for fast and affordable blocked shower solutions in Sydney!

Blocked Shower FAQs

Want to know more about your blocked shower drain? Our clients have asked us many questions, see below:

The gunk in a blocked drain can be dissolved with chemicals, but it is best not to use harsh chemicals for the job. Instead, try flushing hot water with baking soda or use a plunger. 

As a DIY fix, we suggest that you use a drain cover as it can simply collect all the gunk like a cup. You can then simply pick and clear it to eliminate any foreign substance.