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What Is The Most Affordable Option For Pipe Repair

Looking for the most affordable and permanent repair solution for damaged pipes? See how to fix pipes cost-effectively in this guide.

Steven Bahbah

Steven Bahbah

Broken sewer lines or broken pipes and blocked drains are a common occurrence, and each time that happens, it costs a substantial amount of money.

But not getting the pipe repairs done is not an option either because life comes to a standstill. So, in such a situation, you might be wondering what the most cost-effective option for pipe repair is.

We’re here with a guide that will answer this very question. So, read on to know more!

What Is The Most Affordable Option For Pipe Repair?

Types Corroded Pipes

Traditional methods in pipe repair that’s mostly dig-and-replace pipes can cost a couple of hundred dollars per foot of the excavated pipe. This price depends on its length, and despite it being a lot, it is not the only expense. Some other costs incurred in replacing or repairing a pipe are:

  • Overhead and labour costs
  • Costs of remedial landscaping
  • Damage to property such as excavated driveways and displaced concrete
  • New pipe segments that might be needed

A sewer pipe repair or pipe replacement job can cost as many as thousands of dollars. If this scary cost worries you and you’re wondering if there’s a more affordable pipe repair solution that’s not too difficult, we have some news.

Trenchless Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining Process Equipment Ready Undertake Process

In most situations, the most affordable and practical pipe repair solution is trenchless pipe relining. In this kind of repair, plumbing experts that offer pipe relining services coat the inner walls of the damaged pipe with liquid epoxy. In addition to that, they cure it with the help of inflatable air bladders.

This repair method is primarily a matter of the price of the raw materials. Physically, the epoxy-resin solution used to coat the walls is the most essential element of this type of repair work.

Apart from that, the other thing you’ll have to pay for is the cost of labour for the installation process. Since it usually takes only a day to complete the entire process, the labour costs are minimal and much lower than the money spent on dig-and-replace.

The best part about a trenchless repair to fix a broken pipe is the minimal probability of future damage. Once cured-in-place pipes are fixed, you can put any worries about a future property or landscaping repairs to rest.

This method is especially recommended for people who own older properties, where the sewer line and sewer pipes may be many decades old. The collapse of such old pipes is imminent, especially in homes that have pipes older than 40 years. This is why it’s always a good idea to be aware of how to get emergency trenchless pipe repairs done in case of such damage.

This method works irrespective of how deep your pipes are or where they’re located on your property. People looking for a low-cost solution to pipe repairs will find trenchless pipe lining a great choice.

Costs of Trenchless Pipe Lining

Now, let’s look at what factors affect the sewer pipe relining cost and how much it amounts to. Trenchless repairs such as bursting and pipe lining cost around 25-30% less than dig-and-replace repairs.

In most cases, the amount saved by foregoing these add-ons is way more than the amount spent on the initial equipment investment, and relined pipes don’t break down easily.

In a vast majority of cases, it has been noticed that trenchless pipe repair costs half of what conventional repair methods do, despite including labour costs, installation charges, etc. Yet another pleasant surprise is that pipelining for smaller jobs can cost a fraction of the total cost!

Some other factors that may additionally impact the final cost of trenchless pipe repair are:

  • Depth of the pipe
  • Extent of damage
  • Exact technique employed (pipe bursting costs more than pipelining)
  • Location of the pipe

Most Affordable Solution For Pipe Repair

Before we conclude this guide, we’d like you to remember that trenchless drain pipe relining service is not always possible.

People who have shallow pipelines less than a foot under the ground or those with pipes close to cables and wires should avoid this method. If something like bursting is carried out in such a situation, the cost of final repair could be more than dragging the pipe out.

We recommend you contact a professional as soon as possible since plumbing and pipe repair requires considerable skill. FTD Pipe Relining understands that finding a reputable plumbing company to reline your pipes at your home can be difficult, and that is why we conduct business differently. You can rely on our Sydney pipe relining specialist for a fast, affordable, easy, and clean pipe repair with no hidden costs involved. So for any plumbing service or Sydney services, call us today!

We’ll conclude our guide with this, so until then, take care!

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