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What Is Pipe Relining And How Does It Work?

Do you want to know what pipe relining is and how it actually works? We are right here with an informative guide that will tell you all about this innovative pipe repair process!

Steven Bahbah

Steven Bahbah

Previously, damaged or broken pipes meant a lot of digging and smashing through walls. But that is no longer the case! 

Today, you can easily opt for pipe relining, which does not involve digging or property destruction. Plumbers can swiftly get it done within hours, and the damaged pipe can be made entirely functional. 

This can even save yards from being dug up, and the method is slowly becoming very popular among the masses. If you are unsure about what pipe relining is, let us help you learn more about pipe relining solutions and technology

So, keep reading! 

How Would You Define Pipe Relining? 

Plumber Inserting Deflated Pipe Relining Bladder Pipe Repair

Cracked or broken sewer pipes are a common household problem that you can fix without excavating. Pipe relining work involves creating a new pipe inside the existing pipe to ensure a better flow of fluids. This helps seal off all the cracked parts and prevent any further damage

People generally do not use pipe relining technology on the entire pipe but mostly on the affected area. And once that is done, all the leaks will be sealed on your broken pipe. As such, this is an excellent method to opt for instead of going for pipe replacement

You can contact experts who can conduct the pipe relining process without much fuss. Only a professional plumber can help with pipe repair without creating any fuss. Their expertise will ensure effective pipe relining and other plumbing services while keeping your landscaping in perfect shape. 

Pipe Relining Process

To repair broken pipes, different people apply different methods. Professional pipe relining services involve putting cured pipes in the damaged ones to ensure that the relined pipes are entirely sealed.

Some companies use a custom-made resin solution for sewer pipe relining to create new pipes within your existing drain. Someone with many years of experience will ensure that this process fixes your pipes once and for all.

We will quickly take you through the steps that are generally followed. 

1. Inspection

The most important part of pipe relining is to locate the problem. And to do that, plumbers first use a CCTV camera. With the help of such hi-tech cameras, they quickly discover the breakage or disturbances. This simplifies the pipe relining process. 

2. Creating A Pipe Lining And Bladder

Once plumbers are done locating the problem in your existing pipes, they move on to the next stage. To ensure that the pipe repair is effective, they construct a custom felt liner. In some instances, the experts also make a bladder that matches your pipes. 

As such, professional plumbers always take the exact measurement of the damaged pipes to ensure that the fix stays well for a long time. 

3. Installing Pipe Relining Solutions

After prepping, plumbers soak the liner in epoxy resin before inserting the uninflated bladder into the liner. Then they use a rope to put the liner in place through the access point on the metal pipes. 

With the help of this new liner and bladder, plumbers can fix your PVC pipes without digging. As such, in our experience, companies that use CCTV cameras can perform the job with better accuracy. Plumbers blow air into the bladder to seal it perfectly once the bladder is positioned correctly. 

This completely seals the pipe system and ensures that all cracks and damages are repaired. The bladder is kept inflated until the resin dries up and creates a rigid and hard pipe. After that happens, plumbers deflate the bladder and pull it out of the pipe. 

Experts have been using this method for relining pipes for decades, and it has always worked wonders!

4. Conducting The Final Check

After the resin solidifies, plumbers conduct a final CCTV inspection in your PVC pipe to check if the resin pipe has appropriately solidified and is in place. 

Solutions That Are Used

If you have to reline pipes with minimal disruption, there are quite a few things you need to keep in mind. When you book an appointment with a professional service, they will first check the collapsed pipe properly to see what kind of pipe relining works best for it. 

If tree roots are leading to blocked pipes, they use either of the four solutions.

Cartoon Image Pipe Relining Tree Root Damage Ouoe

1. Redline

Plumbers use this pipe relining product on pressurised pipe systems to prevent corrosion. This method is best when used with cooling and heating lines. 

2. Sumoline

For load-bearing pipes, professionals mainly go with this solution. It is best suited for pipes that need to be structurally sound. 

3. Blueline

This method is best when you have to fix a pipe with multiple bends. It is the most common solution that plumbers use to get pipes relined in commercial and residential projects. To be honest, this is the best bet for old clay pipes too. 

4. Greenline

This is not used for drainage systems but mainly for potable water pipes. 

Understanding The Basics Of Pipe Relining

With that, we have reached the end of this informative guide. We hope that now you will be able to keep your existing pipelines in pristine condition.

Unless you keep your plumbing system under regular check, there’s a chance that it will malfunction from time to time. So, look for the best Sydney plumbers who can bring life back to your old pipe!

Be it blocked water drains or a malfunctioning sewer line, our experienced team of plumbers can fix it all. So, if you are looking for a cost-effective long-term solution, get in touch with FTD Pipe Relining for a quick and efficient solution!

That’s all for this article!

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