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Tips To Prevent Blocked Stormwater Drains

Looking to figure out a way to prevent your stormwater drain from clogging? Read our guide as we share industry tips and tricks to prevent your blockages in your stormwater system!

Steven Bahbah

Steven Bahbah

It’s time you pay attention to keeping your stormwater drain clog-free

Most households in Australia don’t realise that their stormwater drains get blocked quickly after heavy rainfall. These drains handle a large quantity of water daily, but if something is blocking them, they might overflow, leading to a possible flood and causing more significant problems. 

If you’re not quick to clear them, your property gets damaged, but it can also become a health issue in the long run.

But there are several things you can do to clear these drains and prevent them from blocking, which you’ll find in this guide. So, continue reading!

How To Prevent Stormwater Drains From Blocking?

Leaves Debris Clogging Stormwater Drain

1. Plant Trees Away From The Sewer Pipes 

Tree roots are one of the major causes of blocked stormwater drains; they love to get their way inside the drains and can seep through even the tiniest of cracks. And once these roots enter, they spread their way all over the drains and prevent water flow. So, always take care when planting a new tree or plant on your property.

2. Keep Sticks And Leaves Away From Storm Drains

You will often find debris buildup around storm drain covers, especially after heavy rains. And we strongly recommend cleaning them frequently to prevent the drain from clogging. Clearing the debris allows the rainwater to flow easily into the public storm drain systems, which is imperative during the storm season. 

Also, you shouldn’t blow or rake leaves or other debris into these drains. While it seems like an easy way to keep your property clean, it will lead to clogs over time. Instead, use garbage bags to collect these wastes and turn them into compost. 

3. Periodical Drain Cleaning

Now, it’s wise to hire a professional plumbing agency that will take care of a blocked drain by cleaning it regularly. The professionals will come equipped with the necessary tools and techniques to remove the drain blockage effectively

Generally, the debris is removed through a jet blaster, a high-pressure hose capable of removing these big particles. Similarly, a device like a water jetter is used for clearing tree roots that have seeped into the drains. These techniques are pretty effective when it comes to cleaning clogged stormwater drains

These professional agencies sometimes charge hefty amounts for their plumbing services, so make sure to choose one wisely. However, regular stormwater drain cleaning avoids a complete blockage and saves you from incurring more exorbitant costs later. 

4. Call A Plumber For Stormwater Pipe Installation

Ensure that all your household stormwater pipes are installed only by a qualified and licensed plumber. Under no circumstances should you try doing it on your own. It might save you some money at that time, but there’s always the risk of encountering significant problems in the future. 

If drain pipes remain misaligned and there’s a faulty connection, it will allow tree roots to seep through, which might be a long-term and expensive problem. 

5. Install Stormwater Gutter Guards And Stormwater Grates

Installing gutter guards and stormwater grates is a great way to prevent your stormwater drains from getting blocked. These guards don’t allow any materials to enter the drain, including leaves, rocks, dirt and other debris, which might be swept in by the rain and wind. But you must always clean them regularly to prevent any build-up.

6. Understanding The Warning Signs Of A Blocked Stormwater Drain

The most common sign of a blocked stormwater drain is water gushing on your property or from the drain gates. Besides, you may find water oozing out from blocked stormwater pipes at high speeds.

When you notice one or more such signs, it’s crucial to immediately call upon a plumber to look into the problem and seek necessary solutions. 

But here again, clearing blocked drains regularly can help prevent the problem from the get-go. 

7. Call Upon A Plumber To Cleaning Drains

There are chemical, natural and technical ways to unblock your clogged drain and pipe. However, you should always contact a licensed plumber to clean and fix the stormwater drainage system. Several reputed plumbing agencies in Australia take care of these blockages through their trained and professional experts. 

If you try to do it the DIY way, it might worsen the problem, and you may have to call an expert eventually. 

In this regard, attempting to remove tree roots from drains by yourself can be the worst thing you can do, as a qualified plumber has access to a water jetter, which is the only solution. Plus, they can develop a long-term solution to prevent tree roots from entering the drain in the future. 

Puddle Stormwater Drain

Keeping Your Stormwater Drain Clog-Free!

There’s no denying that blocked stormwater drains are downright nasty. Not only are they hugely inconvenient for households, but they can also harbour bacteria and create unbearable odours. 

If you’ve got a blocked stormwater drain, never try to clear it yourself, which we’ve mentioned many times in this guide. Always call upon an efficient and reliable plumbing expert with sufficient experience. 

If you are looking for pipe relining in Syndey, look no further than FTD Pipe Relining. Our drain cleaning specialists can unclog your clogged storm water drain in no time. We will also inspect the rest of your plumbing system before we leave to ensure no more blockages or potential hazards. So, call us today!

We will see you next time with more informative guides, so keep an eye on this space. Bye for now! 

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