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8 Signs Of Tree Roots In Your Pipes & How To Fix It

What are the signs tree roots have invaded your plumbing system? Follow along in this guide to learn the symptoms you should watch out for!

Steven Bahbah

Steven Bahbah

Most property owners would be delighted to have a beautiful line of trees on their properties. However, tree roots can wreak havoc on your sewer pipes.

Although trees are a welcome addition to most homes, their root growth can significantly damage your home’s plumbing system. This can lead to plumbing problems and also result in hefty pipe repair costs.

And did you know that most sewer lines attract tree roots and can eventually cause a severe problem with drainage pipes? So, in this guide, we will help you detect the tell-tale signs of tree root invasion and how you can fix them.

Let’s get started!

Why Do Sewer Lines Attract Roots?

Tree Roots Coming Downpipe

Before we delve into the issue of root obstruction in drain pipes, let us understand why tree roots grow in sewer pipes.

Tree roots are always hunting for a source of nutrition that can help them thrive. While most underground pipes are a cesspool of waste and other debris for humans, they are a haven for tree roots.

A sewer pipe contains water and other essential nutrients that can facilitate tree root growth, which is why you will find roots growing in water lines. When warm water flows through a sewer line, vapour gets released from the loose joints and cracks. These leaks saturate water, which is then absorbed by the surrounding soil in the area.

Naturally, tree roots grow towards the drain pipes to reach the moisture. Over time, it can lead to tree root infiltration into your sewer system. This tree root problem damages your plumbing pipes and disrupts your home’s plumbing.

8 Tell-Tale Signs Of Tree Roots Growing In Your Sewer Line

1. Slow Draining Sinks

One of the first signs of a plumbing issue due to tree root damage is slow draining sinks. If you notice the water struggling to drain when you flush a toilet or use a sink, it can signify a root invasion. Gurgling toilets can reflect a plumbing problem and cause extensive damage if not looked into immediately.

Typically, older houses or properties with large trees in their surrounding areas can face the problem of tree root growth in their drains and pipes.

To fix this, pour half a cup of baking soda down the drain and half a cup of vinegar and wait for 10 minutes. Then, pour a cup of hot water down the drain, which should break up the minor blockages and clogs.

2. Pipe Blockage

No one likes a backed-up toilet. In fact, it can be a source of major inconvenience for most homeowners. You can try using a plunger and other tools to fix the plumbing issue; however, if you notice no difference, it could be due to root invasion.

Eventually, the root growth can lead to collapsed or broken pipes due to heavy blockage. Hence, it is vital to get the pipes checked immediately by a professional to fix the issue.

Alternatively, you can fix the problem the DIY way by pouring a cup of boiling water down the pipes, followed by half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of vinegar.

3. Sinkholes

Have you observed any soft spots in your yard? If yes, it might be a tell-tale sign of tree root growth in pipes, and you should immediately speak to a contractor. Ignoring the issue may cause immense damage to the foundation of your home and property.

4. Unpleasant Odours

When tree roots grow in your pipes, they damage and create cracks. And when waste accumulates in the pipes, it can lead to unpleasant odours.

Fix this issue immediately by getting the drain pipes checked and cleaned by a professional plumber. If the PVC pipes have been significantly damaged, you may have to opt for pipe relining to resolve the tree root growth problem.

Person Blocking Nose Bad Smell Drain

5. Gurgling Sound From Drains

A small amount of gurgling noises from drains is normal. However, immediately check for tree root damage if you hear this sound every time you flush the toilet or run the sink.

You can use a drain cleaner or a plunger to dislodge the clog. But if it is caused by tree roots growing in the pipes, you will need to call a professional plumber.

6. Backed Up Toilet Drain

A backed-up toilet drain will automatically accumulate waste, debris and toilet paper. Avoid flushing the toilet paper until the plumbing lines are repaired if you notice this. And use a strong chemical cleaner to clear the blockages in the toilet drains and fix the toilet.

7. Low Water Pressure

Is the water availability in your home suddenly decreasing? It may be a sign of tree roots in your pipes. However, fixing this issue alone can be tricky, so we recommend calling a professional plumber for help.

8. Green Patches In The Yard

If tree roots have infiltrated your sewer pipes at home, they get plenty of nutrients to thrive. And inevitably, you will notice a sudden growth spurt in some areas of your lawn.

If you haven’t been doing anything different with your lawn care routine and still notice a sudden rapid growth of trees and grass in the garden, watch out. This can be a sign of tree roots growing in the pipes underground.

Of course, don’t instantly panic and cut off all the trees and grass in your yard. First, call a professional to get the issue looked at. If tree roots are growing in your pipes, allow the professional to safely use the right tools to remove them without damaging the pipes.

Tree Root Blue Pipeline

Fixing Tree Root Invasions

We understand how beautiful trees can look in your yard to revamp the appeal of your property.

However, it is vital to keep an eye on the above signs to avoid unnecessary repairs due to pipe blockage and damage to sewer lines. If you suddenly notice a surge in the water bill or observe the rapid growth of tree roots in your pipes, it is time to find an expert plumber.

We hope this guide helps you prevent plumbing issues due to tree root infiltration. If you see any of these signs, employ the DIY fixes or call a plumber to fix the problem immediately.

FTD Pipe Relining’s plumbing specialists can fix tree root invasions and get your plumbing system back to normal in no time. You can reach one of our friendly representatives by calling the number listed on our website. So, don’t let tree roots ruin your plumbing system. Let Sydney’s number one plumbers fix it!

And we will see you next time. Bye!

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