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Signs Of A Damaged Sewer Pipe

Do you suspect your sewer line at home may be damaged? Read this guide to know about the tell-tale signs of a damaged sewer pipe and the common causes.

Steven Bahbah

Steven Bahbah

A sewer pipe carries stormwater and wastewater away from homes, and it usually has a diameter that ranges from 4 to 72 inches.

These pipes are generally made of concrete, vitrified clay with cement or plastic lining. They carry sewage to plants where it is treated and made to undergo secondary biological treatment. Once that is done, they are released into the waterways to enhance water quality.

If you’re wondering what the signs of a damaged sewer pipe are, we have just the guide. So, without ado, let’s dive in!

Signs Of A Damaged Sewer Pipe

Several signs can indicate a damaged sewer pipe. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones:

Blocked Sewer Pipe Fats Grease

1. Backup Of Water

If you see water backup in the sink or the bathtub, then in all likelihood, there is a problem in the main sewer line. Water backup could mean a sewer blockage in one drain or multiple drains. In addition to that, it could also be a signal indicating that the sewer line has deteriorated/been damaged beyond repair and needs replacing

Damage to the sewer line could be due to cracks in the pipeline, tree-root intrusion, etc. This problem can be diagnosed by CCTV drain inspection.

2. Mould Issues

The presence of mould could indicate a break in the sewer line. Mould usually needs a humidity rate that is higher than 55% to thrive. Thus, a crack in the sewer line could lead to moisture coming through and, as a result, mould growth.

3. Extra Green Patch Of Grass

This might seem odd, but an extraordinarily lush patch of grass could indicate a sewer issue. Sewage is an excellent fertiliser for flora; thus, if there’s some damage to the pipe that causes sewage to leak through, it might provide nutrition to your soil.

4. Pooling Of Septic Waste

If a pile of septic waste inundates your yard, it directly indicates trouble with the sewage pipe. The collection of waste could occur due to cracks in the mainline, a broken-down septic tank, or a blocked drain. The cause of the waste will usually be located right below the sewer water pool.

5. Infestation By Insects

Cockroaches, palmetto bugs, and sewer flies are some common insects that often find their way into sewer pipes through cracks on the surface. This infestation could potentially lead to further damage to the pipe and health consequences. For instance, an allergen found in roach feces can cause a severe allergic reaction in children.

Getting rid of the insect infestation isn’t enough unless the root problem, i.e., cracks in the pipe, must also be fixed.

6. Indentation Under Pavers And In The Lawn

If you notice any indentation on your lawn, a leaking sewer pipe could be the culprit. Excess moisture seeping through a leaky pipe leads to saturation in the surrounding soil, which looks sunken in and dissipated. 

7. Rat Issues

Rodents are commonly found in sewers, and if you’ve noticed a burgeoning rise in the number of rats at home, you might want to get the sewer pipes looked at once. Rats can squirm their way past many things, and it is very likely that they squeezed through a drain crack and found their way into the home.

Moving on, an outbreak of rats at home can lead to serious health issues, especially when people come into contact with their droppings or are bitten. A CCTV camera inspection is a useful tool for rodent issues.

8. Odour From Sewer

If the sewer pipe is stinking and emitting a foul odour, it is likely damaged and needs repair. A sewer system in good condition is airtight and only ventilated close to the roof. Thus, if you can smell something bad, it's time to call a professional right away.

9. Slow Drainage

Have you ever noticed water trickling away slowly after using a sink to wash your hands? Slow drainage indicates a sewer problem usually caused by greasy residue, hair buildup, or invasive tree roots.

However, we advise against using random harsh chemicals to remove the blockage. This might end up corroding the inside of the piping. So, if you’re ever faced with such a problem, call a professional right away.

Sink Backing Blocked Sewer Line

Is Your Sewer Line Damaged?

To avoid any hassle later on, ensure that you undertake regular drainage maintenance and follow preventative measures to keep the health of your drain in check. This includes regularly clearing drains with a plunger, not pouring grease down the sink, and not leaving loose hair lying around in the shower.

Dealing with a drain clog or damaged sewer pipe is exhausting. This is why you should have a plumber on call if you are faced with such a situation. Even if there is no issue, regular inspections and cleaning by a professional could save you lots of future trouble. 

Please speak to the FTD Pipe Relining Team if you live in Sydney and need professional help with your sewer lines. Our expert plumbers provide you with a cost-effective, affordable solution for your damaged sewer pipes. Contact us today for a free estimate!

With this, we’ve come to the end of our guide, and we hope to see you again!

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