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Can You Pipe Reline A Stormwater Drain? 

A damaged stormwater drain can cause a host of plumbing problems, but can you choose pipe relining as a repair option? We take you through whether you can reline your stormwater drain in our guide!

Steven Bahbah

Steven Bahbah

Back in the old days, replacing a stormwater drain was extremely time-consuming and costly.

Nowadays, experts have found a way to fix stormwater drains without burning your money and time using pipe relining. Yes! You heard us right, pipe relining is taking the plumbing industry by storm, and you should try them out too.

For starters, pipe relining is easy and quick to conduct than pipe replacing. Once you have installed them, they make the plumbing system practically impenetrable. In fact, most pipe linings are impenetrable to tree roots; therefore, you don’t have to worry about regular maintenance.

Moreover, you can preserve the landscape since you don’t have to dig out the old pipes and destroy the backyard. The plumbers pass the pipe lining through a small pipe hole, which repairs the entire pipe.

On that note, we have put together this guide to highlight all the benefits of pipe relining and how it can improve the plumbing system. So, without further ado, let’s proceed!

What Is Stormwater Drain?

Before we discuss the main topic, it is important to understand the stormwater drain since it plays a crucial role in keeping your house clean and tidy. A stormwater drain is specifically designed to transport large volumes of rainwater from the property to the drain.

This design prevents your house and property from getting flooded since it redirects all the excess rainwater that flows from the roofs, roads and streets. However, most people mistake stormwater drains for regular drains and often sweep litter and debris down the drain. You should avoid doing this since it will damage the drain and prevent the rainwater from being redirected.

What Is Pipe Relining?

As we have mentioned earlier, a stormwater drain is mostly located outside the house since its main purpose is to redirect the rainwater away from the property. Hence, this plumbing system is mostly installed within the ground and repairing it can cause a lot of damage to your backyard.

That said, pipe relining is a technique for repairing damaged drains and pipes without digging. In fact, this is one of the quickest and cleanest ways of fixing a damaged pipe without burning too much money.

When it comes to this technique, the experts repair the pipe from within by curing them directly with a special resin. Hence, choosing the right epoxy resin is important in relining the pipes.

How Can You Reline A Stormwater Drain?

Although it might sound complicated, relining is quite a simple process. The experts will drill a small hole in the damaged pipe, acting as an entry point for the CCTV camera. After they have located the damaged area with the camera, they insert another pipe filled with resin.

Stormwater Drain Path

This resin covers the damaged area and prevents the rainwater from leaking. Once the resin hardens within the pipe, it makes the pipe impenetrable to tree roots or any form of damage. Therefore, you can rely on its durability since it helps the stormwater drain last longer than usual.

Benefits Of Pipe Relining Stormwater Drain

In this section, we will discuss some of the benefits of relining your stormwater drains:

Pipe Relining

1. No Need For Any Digging

Repairing damaged pipes in the backyard can be challenging since you need to dig the ground and remove the pipes manually. This causes a lot of damage to the property, and you will need to grow new crops for your backyard. However, you can avoid this problem since pipe relining only needs a small hole in the ground to get the job done.

2. Easy To Install

Unlike most pipe repairs that might take days for the pipes to be fully replaced, pipe relining can be done on the same day. Since there is no need for excavation, much time is saved, and you can worry less about the repairs hampering your busy schedule.

Moreover, you aren’t required to monitor the relining project since the pipes remain intact in the ground. Once the resin has sealed the damaged areas, you can use the stormwater drain immediately.

3. Durable And Long Lasting

When replacing old pipes, there is no guarantee that the damage will not repeat itself. For instance, infiltrating tree roots in the backyard can easily damage the pipes and interrupt the water flow.

As such, pipe relining is a better option since it makes the pipes stronger and more durable. As such, it makes your stormwater drain pipes last much longer. Therefore, you don’t have to change the pipes quite often.

Large Pipe Ground

Get Your Stormwater Drain Pipe Relined!

To sum up, pipe relining is one of the most affordable ways of repairing the stormwater drain without ruining the aesthetics of your property. Moreover, maintenance is unnecessary since they are extremely durable and long-lasting.

However, we recommend taking a professional’s help since installing the pipe relining yourself can be tricky.

Experts use special CCTV devices to install the pipe relining through a hole; therefore, installing them incorrectly can cause serious damage to your property. Plus, you should always reline the pipes before any major leaks occur.

That said, stay safe, and see you next time!

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